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Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven OLP {FINISHED}
Here is the official playlist and series of the Mandate of Heaven, Might and Magic VI.!

The series is officially finished and the save files are now available for download!


Time to enter darkmoor!

may be the only video made today since i have a lot of work to do.

I was gone for a while ;( sorry!
Episodes 186+ are out now! We finally found all of the memory crystals and near the end of the episodes (around episodes 200~) we're sadly told to get a command cube from the Tomb of Varn.

Wow... The TOMB OF VARN was Super TOUGH but I finally conquered it Big Grin... well not all of the creatures; we'll come back in the future to annihilate them with blasters! 

12 Episodes coming out today where we have finally found an ancient weapon!

It's about time that we go through a lot Paradise Valley and defeat the titans! 

We are VERY close to the end of Might and Magic 6! Finale coming soon!


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