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Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven Full Episode Let's Play
This is going to be a "text" and "story" let's play with a bit of comedy added to it if you wish not to watch the videos.

i will update this in time.


EPISODE 5: Of Mages and Goblins VIDEO LINK
EPISODE 6: ...
EPISODE 6: ...
EPISODE 6: ...
[Image: episode1.png]

Welcome back to another episode of the Might and Magic VI: Mandate of Heaven Let's Play ran by the site founder; Dahy. This episode is rather bland but it's the character creation section so that will be skipped unless you want to watch the episode 1 video.

[Image: MM6-1.png]
Our party starts with the paladin; Viktor, knight; Marie, cleric; Serena and sorcerer; Zoltan who have all been recently trained by Falagar after their escape from Sweet Water after the Night of the Falling Stars.

Character Profile/Backstories:

[Image: viktor.png]is the perfectionist of the group-- he doesn't accept a dungeon not being fully completed unless the place is far too hard; he also doesn't like it when a merchant DOESN'T GIVE ITEM VALUE PRICE. He's a natural bargainer and enjoys making money from what he calls greedy merchants. He however is not afraid to smite the heretics of Baa if need be. Viktor is a neutral aligned paladin.

[Image: marie.png]the clumsy yet lucky knight. She is the epitome of a thief and everything not paladin; despite taking orders when needed. She enjoys opening locks, chests for the treasures of the world and plans to become a freelance thief once the journey ends for the party. For now, she attempts to make riches at every corner-- sometimes even forcing Zoltan to enchant goods. She is good friends with Viktor as they make a great pair when trying to bargain... Marie uses force; Viktor talks. Marie is good aligned.

[Image: serena.png]is the drunk cleric. She enjoys drinking and living her life unless she's on an adventure. Before the party ventured to New Sorpigal, Serena often took days in the Inn in Sweet Water and ended up in a fight-- though not winning all the time; she was at least able to heal herself a bit to prevent death. She is a feisty, angry and bitchy character but also warm-hearted and wishes to help everyone; evil or good. She is a neutral cleric who believes there is evil in good and good in evil. 

[Image: zoltan.png], a sorcerer who wishes to prove his value in this world of madness, will support his friends no matter what. He seeks to become famous, for good reasons, and will destroy the face of Kreegan's on Enroth to ensure the safety of his fame. One may call him selfish but he also truly cares about his friends and the people of the world-- without them he'd be nothing therefore he must give back. His carefree attitude sometimes, however, gets him killed or eradicated very fast. He relies on Serena and Marie to protect him but he will protect the whole party with magic in return. Zoltan promises that once his name is known-- he will back down and research new magic for future adventurers to learn. He is a good-aligned sorcerer. 

[Image: MM6-2.PNG]

[Image: marie.png]: What the hell?! 1000 gold?! That's not
 [Image: viktor.png]: Agreed. Shall we turn him in to Castle Ironfist now? They'll probably give us some money.

Andover Potbellow: You cannot accuse me of anything since there are not witnesses and I haven't done anything wrong. I, however can accuse you of doing deals with an associate of the Temple of Baa. Now..

[Image: zoltan.png]: He hasn't done anything wrong--
[Image: serena.png]: We've taken a reward and he's got another task!

Andover Potbellow: ... Could you do the Temple of Baa a favor? It appears that my brethren left the old temple to the northwest of here in a little too much of a hurry, and a candelabra necessary for some of our rituals was left behind. None of the Baa priests want to go back because they're afraid of whatever curse has been placed on the temple. If you were to bring back the candelabra to me, however, I could reward you in their place.

[Image: marie.png]: Oh cool! How much? Another mere 1000 gold, sucker?

Andover Potbellow: If that's what you want then sure... (unlinked audio)

(Leave Tavern)

So 1000 gold is a nice amount of money for the start of the game, of course Viktor and Marie will disagree-- but they're on their own. We should try and see if we can outfit our characters a bit so they can survive the start of the game a bit more.

[Image: MM6-3.PNG]
It seems as if we have found some goblins enjoying the rooftop watching the citizens. What shall we do? Let's ask Serena!
[Image: serena.png]: Kill them f***ers!

Alright, not the answer I wanted but okay.

[Image: MM6-4.PNG]
[Image: viktor.png]&[Image: zoltan.png]: W--

[Image: marie.png]: Hah! You both have terrible accuracy so you can't even hit the damn goblins! Watch this! See! Perfection! Losers.
[Image: serena.png]: I would stop using that word since you'll be relying on me to resurrect you in the future.
[Image: marie.png]: ...
[Image: serena.png]: Loser.

It seems that nobody but Marie can deal damage to them (the flame arrow hits the wall and the spirit arrow does too.)

Well that's episode 1 for this time! Let's see how the party deal next time! Make sure to watch the video too;!

[Image: episode2.png]

Continuing the start of our first adventures in New Sorpigal comes forth with highlights of Marie's eagle eyes and the deprecation of Viktor and Zoltan's spell points!

[Image: MM6-5.PNG]

[Image: marie.png]: End of the world?! Oh await, it's one of those superstitious religious folks...
[Image: serena.png]: To all things-
[Image: marie.png]: I've heard that before but it's not happening soon. I've got a tale and riches to make before it happens!
[Image: zoltan.png]: It's not the money, it's the name...

[Image: marie.png]&[Image: serena.png]: Who asked you?!

It seems that a lot of the townsfolk have succumb to the kindness of the Temple of Baa, which offers cheap healing, and have listened to those evil priests... though, 2gp to heal up sounds nice!

Timothy the Beggar:... Well I have no skills to offer, but I'm good company! Just feed me and throw me a few gold pieces and I'll be happy to accompany you!

 [Image: viktor.png]: That's a waste of 1 gold piece...
[Image: marie.png]: Yeah! Why would we want a beggar in the first place? Pester people for money, perhaps?
[Image: zoltan.png]&[Image: serena.png]: You two are... terrible...
[Image: MM6-6.PNG] 

[Image: viktor.png]: 50 GOLD?! That's outrageous! This is sinful to all things HOLY!... I'm starting to regret tossing off that beggar now since I'm terrible acting as one.
[Image: serena.png]: What the fuck did we do wrong, you stupid bitch!

Ethel the Tinker: You killed someones family!
[Image: zoltan.png]: Looks like we already have someone making our name bad...

It seems that though the party haven't done anything wrong; if your reputation is below around 300~ the NPC's will still dislike you- even if your fame is 0. I'm unsure how that works Angry
[Image: MM6-7.PNG]
[Image: marie.png]: That... rock! It looks suspicious! I can see an item lodged underneath it!
[Image: zoltan.png]: Wouldn't the items be damaged?
[Image: marie.png]: Well, it wouldn't hurt to take a look... Ouw it's heavy!
[Image: MM6-8.PNG]
[Image: marie.png]: There w-
[Image: viktor.png]Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin MONEY!! A lot of it!

[Image: marie.png]: Wait! Don't take it all! Leave some for me! I'm the one who found it!

Though, the strangest place to hide money-- items do sometimes appear (if I can remember) under the rock. So it always helps to look there when you start Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven to find some items or gold to help you out at the start.
[Image: MM6-9.PNG]
[Image: serena.png]: (shouting) OVER THERE! I heard something! We should be quiet in case they hear us!
[Image: marie.png]: I'm pretty sure you just failed that already...

The goblins are a bit tough since they're all stacked up in one area but using Viktor's spirit arrow, Zoltan's fire arrow and Marie's bow will help us get through them.

[Image: MM6-10.PNG]
Serena has already died from the goblins. She will be missed... oh wait's she's unconscious...
[Image: marie.png]: Hey? Are you alright?
[Image: zoltan.png]: Obviously she's not...
[Image: viktor.png]: I think I can heal... oh-wait I can't...
[Image: MM6-11.PNG]

Resting solves the issue since you automatically heal back up as long as your not dead-- as in RIP dead.
[Image: serena.png]: A-- oh wait...
[Image: marie.png]: You died-- I mean fell unconscious. Maybe don't shout at the goblins and you'll survive next time.
[Image: serena.png]: Survive next time?! I'm not dead, idiot!
[Image: zoltan.png]: Technically speaking I'm the only inte-
[Image: serena.png]&[Image: marie.png]: Shut up...
[Image: zoltan.png]: ...
After the rest they continued to kill the goblins until there were none left on that part of the area.
[Image: MM6-12.PNG]
[Image: marie.png]: Pretty~! Look what I've found.
Blush[Image: serena.png]:   ~! You talking to-
Angry[Image: marie.png]: No I'm not. You're not pretty, Serena.
[Image: serena.png]:

You can find stuff in campfires if your perception is high enough. 

Well, that's it for this episode! Make sure to check out next time for the next episode and be sure to watch the video for the full episode 2 experience!

[Image: episode3.png]
It is time to enter the Temple of Baaaaaaaah and its grievously dangerous baaaahhts. Okay, I'll stop. All seriousness, this episode ends up with us entering the temple. Next episode will be much more action packed than this one!

[Image: MM6-13.PNG]

[Image: marie.png]: Muhahahah-
[Image: serena.png]: What's up now? You drinking something?
[Image: marie.png]: No... I'm thinking of a stealthy plan... I want to lure the goblins to the village to see what happens...
[Image: zoltan.png]: Of all things good! What has come of you!
[Image: marie.png]: We can loot their corpses and take the goblins out one by one if we do this. It's just a plan!
[Image: viktor.png]: I do love looting and money. But this "plan" is just plain slaughter. It's disgraceful to the Gods!
[Image: serena.png]: I agree. This is utter disgrace.
[Image: marie.png]:... I'm doing it anyway!
[Image: MM6-14.PNG]
[Image: marie.png]: What the actual hell? They're not even trying to hit the peasants! They're just following us!
[Image: viktor.png]: That is honor! Something you will never learn!
[Image: marie.png]:... Be quiet! I am the pedestal of honor!
[Image: serena.png]: *laughs*
[Image: marie.png]: ...

In Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven, the monsters don't really seem to pay attention to when you bring them near friendly NPCs. They won't attack peasants unlike in Might and Magic 7 and 8 (not sure about 9).

[Image: MM6-15.PNG]
[Image: MM6-16.PNG]
[Image: serena.png]: Owh! Why does EVERYTHING hit me first?! Do I even deserve this!? Hit Marie instead you stupid nitwit!
[Image: marie.png]: Serena, don't you start-

[Image: MM6-17.PNG]
[Image: serena.png]: Awesome! Do it again! Again! Hahahah! 
[Image: marie.png]: No you didn't- owh!

For some reason the goblins seem to attack the cleric in the party most-- she's the healer; it's pretty smart.

[Image: MM6-18.PNG]
[Image: viktor.png]: This is not productive, we must kill the shaman with magic! Fight magic with magic!
[Image: zoltan.png]: You're learning! Magic is power! Let's go!

I decided it would be productive if the party went a bit backwards and used magic and arrows to kill off the leftover goblin populace so we don't end up with dead Serena.

[Image: MM6-19.PNG]
[Image: marie.png]: I sp-
[Image: serena.png]: A mage, an apprentice. I spot the guy before you did. 
[Image: marie.png]: No y-
[Image: viktor.png]: Can we just get on with killing them. They're just mages; nothing dangerous. Nobody cares about "I spy" at the moment. I just want to find whatever magic artefacts they have on them.
[Image: marie.png]: I can agree on that!

Mages cast low level blast spells at your party-- nothing you really can't handle at low levels as long as you don't go right in front of a mass of mages. They wont be able to much against you if you pick them away from each other.

[Image: MM6-21.PNG]

[Image: MM6-20.PNG]

[Image: zoltan.png]: Yelp! Where did that come from! I'm DYING!! GET HERE BEFORE I UNLEASH FIERY DEATH UPON YOU!
[Image: serena.png]: Not the best way to ask for a healer. I'll start charging you if you do that.
[Image: zoltan.png]: I was talking to that goblin-- I'm not going to kill a friend!
[Image: MM6-22.PNG]

[Image: zoltan.png]: Well, I just killed it. Please though, I need dire healing
[Image: serena.png]: Sure! Let me just cast first aid!

The first aid spell doesn't do much hit points but it is extremely useful at the start since your characters start off with a small amount of hit points. There is also a hit point well in New Sorpigal which I didn't know of until now.

[Image: MM6-23.PNG]

[Image: marie.png]: Oh look! It's a well! Oh wait no it's a- entrance?
[Image: viktor.png]: It must be that Temple of Baa. We must CLEANSE the evil inside. Let none live which reside in the Temple unless one who has been forced to reside in such evil place then we shalt save!
[Image: serena.png]: Wait? What did you just say?
[Image: zoltan.png]: Don't worry about it-- let's just enter the damn place!

[Image: MM6-24.PNG]

The place is littered with goblins and a few apprentice mages, nothing the low level group can't handle. The true danger is inside of the Temple of Baa.

[Image: MM6-25.PNG]

[Image: zoltan.png]: Ooooh spooky! Bats! I like them. But there better not be any spiders here!
[Image: marie.png]: *attacks* It's so damn hard to hit this thing! Uh!
[Image: MM6-26.PNG]

[Image: serena.png]: Look! Over here! This barrel has blue liquid!
[Image: zoltan.png]: I read in a journal of an adventurer that blue liquid increases ones looks and charm!
[Image: serena.png]: That must mean I must drink it! *drinks*
[Image: marie.png]: Ew. Do you have to make that much noise when you drink something!
[Image: viktor.png]: That wasn't charming at all! Scandalous!
[Image: serena.png]: ...
[Image: MM6-27.PNG]

[Image: marie.png]: I wonder what's behind this door, oh I hear hisses!
[Image: zoltan.png]: Snakes! Snake bites are poisonous! Beware!

... and that will be all for today! Be sure to check in for the next episode! Or press the hyper link in the contents!

Here is the episode in video!

[Image: episode4.png]
S-snakes? Aren't they those scary crawling things on the floor?! Oh wait they're giant! Anaconda!

[Image: MM6-28.PNG]

[Image: marie.png]: BAM! Dead! This is awesome!
[Image: zoltan.png]: Awesome? That was only one... there's more over there.
[Image: marie.png]: More than you can do!
[Image: zoltan.png]: You'll see.. when I learn powerful magic; I will demonstrate the true nature of Zoltan!
[Image: MM6-29.PNG]
[Image: marie.png]: Well... I was r-right?
[Image: serena.png]: Shut the fuck up and kill those fucking things. Talking only gets you idiots killed!
[Image: MM6-30.PNG]
[Image: zoltan.png]: Not today! Hahah!
[Image: serena.png]: Be quiet and follow me. We should lure these things and shoot them from a distance!
[Image: MM6-31.PNG]
[Image: viktor.png]: Look what we have here! A special cobra! A queen one! What treasures do you hide today!
[Image: serena.png]: Viktor... we'll run and make it follow us. Run or die! And remember to keep your mouth shut!
[Image: MM6-32.PNG]
[Image: marie.png]: ATTACK!!!!
[Image: serena.png]: Death be upon us. We sure do have the worst party ever in the Ancient Universe!
[Image: MM6-33.PNG]
[Image: serena.png]: Shit! I didn't mean... I didn't mean for that to actually happen.
[Image: zoltan.png]: Who's the idiot now!
[Image: marie.png]&[Image: serena.png]: Be quiet!
[Image: MM6-34.PNG]
[Image: viktor.png]: Let's get out of here! ... before we are the ones who end up dead.
[Image: MM6-35.PNG]
All the heroes can level up now and are now more powerful to enter into the depths of the Temple of Baa.

[Image: MM6-36.PNG]

[Image: serena.png]: Owwhhh! Poison?! Damnit I don't know how to cure it!
[Image: MM6-37.PNG]

[Image: zoltan.png]: But I know who does!... Oh I have to carry you all while running out of here? My back! Owh! I am not coming back soon!

[Image: MM6-38.PNG]
[Image: marie.png]: Perfect! We've found Goblins! These are at least-- easier?? 
[Image: viktor.png]: The red one? It's a Goblin King! We'll have a bit of a challenge but we're going to do it!
[Image: zoltan.png]: With my luck; we'll do it in no time!
[Image: MM6-39.PNG]
[Image: viktor.png]: Did I say challenge? Huh. I meant easy as fuck!
[Image: zoltan.png]: That's pressing your luck. Bets on you dying next.
[Image: marie.png]: My bet's on Serena!
[Image: serena.png]: Why's this even a bet? We're talking about death. Once I die; you're all dead. Stop acting like children.
[Image: viktor.png]: You're the one to say that, aren't you.

That's all today folks! Come back next time for the next adventure in Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven!

[Image: episode5.png]
We find that Marie and Serena have gone a bit insane in this episode... and maybe Viktor. Zoltan is still sane though!

[Image: MM6-40.PNG]

[Image: marie.png]: YES! ATTACK MY FOOLS!
[Image: zoltan.png]: Why... Very well.
[Image: viktor.png]: We're going to get ourselves killed. Why should we do it?!
[Image: serena.png]: Because it's fun! And you two guys don't know what fun is!
[Image: marie.png]: You're missing out! We've got some mages to annihilate!

After discovering that the Grayface's patch has a speed mode, I thought; why not utilize it for fun! Let's run over these mages!

[Image: MM6-41.PNG]

[Image: zoltan.png]: Owchh... That hurt so damn much..
[Image: serena.png]: I died over 3 times and I'm not whining! Look how many we killed! Our deaths 1: 10 don't you say?
[Image: marie.png]: THAT WAS AWESOME HAHAHAH!
[Image: serena.png]: Another round?!
[Image: viktor.png]: By all things holy, I do not agree with suicide missions!
[Image: serena.png]: Just have fun, seriously. We're not immortals, once we die - we die. Why not have some fun!
[Image: viktor.png]: No. N-o.

[Image: MM6-43.PNG]

[Image: marie.png]: Did I? Hear a YES?!
[Image: serena.png]: Ye-
[Image: viktor.png]: N-
[Image: serena.png]: -s you did! Kill them all! Go! Quick!
[Image: MM6-44.PNG]
[Image: marie.png]: Die! Die! Die? Serena?
[Image: viktor.png]: No! You idiot! You and Serena are mentally blind!

[Image: MM6-45.PNG]
Our party has died and resurrected in New Sorpigal.
[Image: zoltan.png]: Oh and the stupid adventurers die once again!
[Image: viktor.png]: Not stupid, even worse. Fools. Marie called us fools; we are. We followed her and Serena's command!
[Image: marie.png]: I'm not incorrect. You are fools for not stopping the unstoppable force of Marie and Serena!
[Image: serena.png]: You're stretching it, Marie. Let's get on with our mission.
[Image: MM6-46.PNG]
[Image: viktor.png]: Goblins! Evil! Thou shalt kill these foul monsters!
[Image: marie.png]: Yes! Go! Let's do it!
[Image: zoltan.png]: Are you... drunk?! All three of you are acting irrational today! Seriously, we need a rest!

The rest of them attacked the goblins until!-

[Image: MM6-47.PNG]
[Image: zoltan.png]: I'm d-
[Image: serena.png]: It can wait... oh.
[Image: marie.png]: Goblin! Die!
After all the killing madness, the party rested and all was well. They then went towards a strange castle..

[Image: MM6-48.PNG]

[Image: viktor.png]: How dare you! You are a goblin! A creature of evil! You must die! Immediately! We humans are perfect as long as we follow the light of the Sun! HEATHENS!
[Image: serena.png]: Jeez, Vik. Stop it. You're literally the worst zealot I've ever worked with!
[Image: zoltan.png]: Intelligence is key. Viktor, you lack all of it!
[Image: marie.png]: What's intel-
[Image: zoltan.png]: You're worse...

Well that's it for today! Be sure to subscribe for new posts (subscribe to the thread, that is!)

[Image: episode6.png]

It is now time to visit Ironfist!

[Image: MM6-49.PNG]

Our first task (over than the first Baa quest) is to give a letter to Regent Wilbur Humphrey at Castle Ironfist.

[Image: zoltan.png]: This is a must if we are to learn of the lands. A quick travel to Ironfist won't harm us-- it might even give us experience of this world!
[Image: marie.png]: There'll be loot to steal and a great sum of gold since it's Castle Ironfist!
[Image: serena.png]: Money?! I'm in! Say, Viktor are you in?
[Image: viktor.png]: This is a quest that will start our adventure, officially! Of course! I'm duly in this damn journey! Let's go!

[Image: MM6-50.PNG]

The party takes a coach to Castle Ironfist which takes a lengthy 2 days to arrive, of course they could've walked there-- but our party is enjoying the luxury of rest after the amounts of scary adventure they did in New Sorpigal!

[Image: MM6-51.PNG]

Wilbur Humphrey: Thank you so much for bringing me these letters! <Wilbur begins reading the letters> I've been so worried... I see... This is not good news... Oh, no! Traitors! Traitors and conspirators everywhere! I must organize an expedition at once! <Wilbur lowers his voice> I trust you will not speak to the prince about these letters- he is already too depressed and unhappy to hear more bad news. And now I must see to the organization of the expedition. Here is a bag of gold as a reward- you've earned it and my gratitude. Now if only I could find someone to finish looking for Lord Kilburn...

[Image: serena.png]: 5000 Gold is surely enough to make us not say anything to the Prince... perhaps we could look for Kilburn too..

[Image: MM6-52.PNG]

Wilbur Humphrey: <Wilbur snaps his fingers> Say, you wouldn't happen to be interested in taking care of a little detail for me, would you? Lord Kilburn disappeared near Blackshire. Find out what you can and return to me with the information. If it is true that he has been slain by devils, return his shield to me if at all possible. I will grant you my favor with the High Council should you require it, and you can be rest assured your compensation will be generous.

[Image: viktor.png]: This quest is to prove our rite to the High Council - I don't know why we'd need it but, why not do it for the adventure!

[Image: MM6-53.PNG]

Wilbur Humphrey: I am the Foremost Paladin, and as such, I am the one charged with the promotion and keeping of those titles and responsibilities of paladinhood. Those paladins who wish to perform a quest for the official promotion to crusader must rescue a damsel in distress. Those of you who are not paladins will be awarded the title of honorary crusader, and will be given a sizeable gold reward. Return to me with said damsel and I will promote any paladins aiding in her rescue to the status of crusader.

[Image: viktor.png]: Ah it would be an honour to do such a task! Serena pretend to be a damsel in distress for me!

Wilbur Humphrey: How disgraceful, this is not how the official promotion to crusader is carried out! You must find a reputable damsel in distress, not a peasant! Distasteful...

[Image: serena.png]: Viktor, no. Humphrey, why? I am NOT a peasant!

Wilbur Humphrey: All of you! Out!

[Image: MM6-54.PNG]

After the receive and fetch quest of the letter, our party decided it was time to level and train in order to gain more knowledge, power and strength!

[Image: MM6-55.PNG]

I gave Marie enough points in the Sword skill to get her to expert Sword. 

Aaron Strongmun the Teacher: My teaching can improve your sword technique. You must already be of intermediate skill (Rank 4) to benefit from my advice. I charge 2000 gold per student.

[Image: marie.png]: That sure is... pricey. But it'll make me stronger... You know what! I'll take it!
[Image: serena.png]: Two thousand gold out of our coffers-- just like that... Sad
[Image: marie.png]: You won't regret it-- don't be sad; it'll help us make much more money!
[Image: zoltan.png]: This is exactly great! You must spend money to make us more powerful to complete more quests to make even more money. You can't just hoard and not spend, Serena!
[Image: serena.png]: But.. it's a lot of money.
[Image: viktor.png]: Talking about quests, we must go find one! We must continue and have less chatter!

[Image: MM6-56.PNG]

Andrew Besper the Factor: The Dragoons that have been plaguing the roads around here recently stole a harp of mine from one of my caravans. I'm not strong enough to get it back from them, but I'm willing to pay someone capable to do it for me. Find the harp and return it, and I'll reward you.

[Image: viktor.png]: Of course, it would be our pleasure! Though gold is great; the adventure and fame is better!
[Image: marie.png]: But I need to learn more skills-

[Image: MM6-57.PNG]

Andrew Besper the Factor: The only way to get someone to teach you how to properly wear plate armor, short of a four year stint in the Iron Army, is to join the Beserkers' Fury mercenary guild. We teach many other skills as well, so our modest fee of 50 gold pieces to join for life is really cheap.

[Image: marie.png]: And that's exactly what I need! PURCHASED!
[Image: serena.png]: B-but... it's 50 gold! That's a lot!
[Image: zoltan.png]: You are seriously a tightwad Serena, aren't you?
[Image: serena.png]: I am anything but a tightwad! Keep your words to yourself! I am intelligent and know how to spend money wisely!
[Image: marie.png]: Then why do you dislike spending on necessary things so often!
[Image: serena.png]: Beca-... nevermind.

[Image: MM6-58.PNG]

[Image: marie.png]: Woo! Here's where we buy our new skills! Let's go and make ourselves more knowledgeable! 

After this, we sorted out all the skills and went and bought new weapons and armor for all our party members! Serena, however, wasn't happy with this...

Oh no.. we heard something!

[Image: MM6-59.PNG]

[Image: viktor.png]: Heretics! The heresy has found its way here! Eradicate the fanatics!
[Image: marie.png]: Awesome! More to kill, more to love!
[Image: zoltan.png]: They use magic; maybe I can find something of use from their dead bodies!
[Image: serena.png]: MONEY!

[Image: MM6-60.PNG]

Well.. that was pretty easy.
[Image: zoltan.png]I did not... expect it to be that easy!
[Image: viktor.png]: If Baa is using folk like this; then its safe to say- they won't be here for long hahahah!
[Image: serena.png]: MONEY!
[Image: zoltan.png]: Shut the... f**k up.

[Image: MM6-61.PNG]

Fanatics are more stronger versions than the followers of Baa. But still; fairly easy.

[Image: viktor.png]: I don't really have much hopes on this guy hahah.

[Image: MM6-62.PNG]

Dead, already!

[Image: marie.png]: That wasn't as fun as it could've been. Would've loved to have a much tougher fight!
[Image: viktor.png]: But either way! We must destroy the HERESY! 

[Image: MM6-63.PNG]

However, we believe that it is now time for the party to return to New Sorpigal to continue their unfinished quest there.

[Image: MM6-64.PNG]

It seems that our new found levels and power have helped us defeat these mages and the only casualty is Zoltan!
[Image: serena.png]: I'm getting really tired after all the stuff we've done today... Let's take a rest!
[Image: marie.png]: Zoltan's unconscious, maybe it'll help if we do that. This is the only good thing you've said recently instead of "Money". Keep it up!

So the party rests and...-

[Image: MM6-65.PNG]

Oh no! Ambush, our party has been ambushed and Viktor's the only one awake!

[Image: viktor.png]: Agh.. G-goblins! Wake up! All of you! Ambush!

Goblin: Nothing you can do now! Die! <the goblin scowls>

[Image: MM6-66.PNG]

[Image: marie.png]: I'm back, bitches! Let's f**k these goblins up! This is what happens when you ambush us!

After that, the party rested and looted all the area surrounding the goblins... and that's all for today!

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