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Rin Plays Ao Oni 青鬼!
Welcome to another part of Rin's let's plays on games! This section we are playing Ao Oni which is a game where you have to escape from this haunted mansion from a demon called Ao Oni which literally means Blue Demon.

Ao oni is cute though.

Let's get this tension up! Watch all the episodes here!

Well the rest of Ao Oni is finished.

I'm not really scarred that much..

Just played 5.2 and found the soroban puzzle easy. Here are the latest videos:


And that's all for version 5.2! We've completed all of the parts of 5.2 and it'll be time to go to earlier versions somepoint in the future! This version was well much more scarier than the previous versions but well; we got a good kicking from it!


I have already finished 4.2 and next time we'll be going onto doing the 3.0 gameplay! I bet it'll be quite fun to go through the 3.0 version; in the second video here you can see a quick snippet of 3.0 and I did get scared already!

All 3.0 episodes have been posted onto YouTube! Be sure to enjoy watching them as much as I enjoyed and were scared making them hahah!

Well, that was a scary experience!

New videos on Version 1.1!! Smile


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