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The Warped Adventurer Minecraft Skin!
[While you read this; LISTEN to the SURREAL music of the background to give yourself more ATMOSPHERE!:]

This adventurer knows not its own name or what had happened to it prior to being captured by a group of adventurers and being allowed to travel with them.

Such adventurers are so warped and distorted that not any amount of intellect in such identifying creatures would work on such a being. Perhaps, in time, we will discover the ways of identifying the effects of using time warps in a fantasy world...

Character info:

This chracter has been so warped that its tuxedo has been converted to its trousers and its face has been melted into somewhat a surrealist ideal creature. Its arms are its legs and its ears are teeth. Its head is elongated to extend into its body and it incites shock and horror to even the most fearsome creatures in this world. It was created with such technology by an alien race; then sent back to its fantasy homeworld...

for an new adventure to continue.

Creatures like these are common in the world of Dahy; where loneliness and darkness thrives over the lands and though people do exist with good intent-- even they are succumbed by the pain of depression. This creature was abducted by an alien ship and warped once more-- its memories tormented from the face of its pride; hence why this creature has a stagnated intelligence.

Boundless years of research by the transverser race has led to live experimentation's on the creatures of Dahy's world; once a Minotaur it has been warped by this alien race for pleasure and enjoyment of their sadistic tendencies.

These warped creatures are first captured in the shrouds of daylight as transversers cannot travel by night but they can cower behind their immense technology to abduct any creature of their wish. Once on board of a galactic ship against their will-- the transformation and live experimentation of warp and time technology is used on them in order to advance the transverser technology and of course; for their enjoyment. They love watching the immense pain that these creatures go through to be transformed-- the pain is that of over 3000 sieverts of radiation but the creature is kept alive to pleasure the sadism of the transverser race.

Once converted into a warped version of itself; all pain is removed and it is brought back to its home planet to live in despair and see the countless tens of thousands of other individuals that have been warped like this one...

Download on the PMC page!


I made this with a VERY limiting palette to challenge myself!
STR: 18
INT: ? (possibly 6)
PER (personality): ? (possibly 3)
AGI (agility): 16
LCK: 3


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