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Full Version: Security Issues
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Sorry about being offline recently, my parents had their amazon account hacked into and we nearly lost £25. Luckily though Amazon was quick to recover it and the person who did it had leaked their email address by accident: 


Stupid idiots, they shouldn't really use their real email address when they tried to send a gift card from my parents amazon account. The email address in name is; "mredw0@gmail.com". They probably found my parents email address on a data breach that happened in [redacted]. Ironically, I pulled a "HaveIBeenPWNED" on them and found that they've been breached recently. 

You shouldn't use your main email for everything, stupid. Since doing a search found their YouTube channel.

[Image: AMAZON_EMAIL_FAIL_2.png]

Some more proof of them being a YouTuber with "56.4K" subscribers. It seems like even people with a bit of popularity are shady despite having a following. 

I have since told my parents that a password of 8 characters and only 2 numbers is not a good idea. They now have a password with special symbols, numbers, and over 20 characters. I do too; but I encrypt my passwords in a USB and change USB's every year while having around 200-2000 character passwords.

Safety should be your first priority in this crazy world full of shitty people.

Be safe y'all!