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Full Version: Rin Plays Yume Nikki【ゆめにっき】
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In this series, Rin plays Yume Nikki-- a surrealist adventure game created by Kikiyama. It is quite a strange but mysteriously fun game to play! 

Come join us by watching Rin play the game and post your feedback here!

Well today I've uploaded around 3 episodes onto YouTube! Go check them out now!~~! 

Episode 4!! - I get a few more effects and explore the FM World: Home! It's interesting, go watch!

Episode 5-- Weird episode! Graffiti World is so bizarre BUT! We got the bike; woohoo!

Episode 6 - We met big red!! Very scary indeed!!!! 

Here is another episode I've posted and I have completed ALL episodes on Yume Nikki!

Smile Smile