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Full Version: Might and Magic VII: FOR BLOOD AND HONOR OLP
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We have started our Might and Magic VII let's play! Come join us at our YouTube channel and send feedback while the let's play goes on (if the let's play has ended this thread gets locked so go make an account! Oh and if it is locked; just make a post ;P)

Starting Episode:

Alrighty! Time for another episode! Today I went through the Harmondale area and cleared out all the goblins, then in a few episodes; I decided to go into the Erathian sewers to clear the place out-- we really need the experience to fend for ourselves in the game!

Here is the latest episode in the Might and Magic 7 Let's play! Here we went through the Erathian Sewers!

LATEST MM7 video! I talk abit about my life here so maybe watch it?

Woohoo! We have new videos out!
We've released our next set of episodes onto the site and YouTube channel!

We have released our next set of troll blood spewing episodes on the ever growing Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor Let's Play series! See it today and remember to like the video!

Well the next two sets of episodes are now out! Enjoy!

New episode out today! Go check it out! Stone city time!
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