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  Updated the new user image!
Posted by: Rin - 12-12-2019, 01:44 PM - Forum: Rin's Blog - No Replies

New users to this site will automatically be assigned a new icon which is of my character called; Sir Otzuu, the orange.

[Image: Sir_Otzu1.png]

We are still working on other images for the roles:

  • Muted
  • Temporary Ban
  • Image Content Removed
  • IP Banned
Moderators will eventually get custom images for any character they choose (or their own characters).

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  Rin Plays Yume Nikki【ゆめにっき】
Posted by: Rin - 12-12-2019, 11:38 AM - Forum: Gaming - Replies (2)

In this series, Rin plays Yume Nikki-- a surrealist adventure game created by Kikiyama. It is quite a strange but mysteriously fun game to play! 

Come join us by watching Rin play the game and post your feedback here!

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  Rin Plays Ao Oni 青鬼!
Posted by: Rin - 12-09-2019, 06:09 PM - Forum: Gaming - Replies (6)

Welcome to another part of Rin's let's plays on games! This section we are playing Ao Oni which is a game where you have to escape from this haunted mansion from a demon called Ao Oni which literally means Blue Demon.

Ao oni is cute though.

Let's get this tension up! Watch all the episodes here!

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  9th December 2019: Walk in the forest.
Posted by: Rin - 12-09-2019, 06:00 AM - Forum: Rin's Blog - No Replies

Today was very cold!!-- around -10 degrees C at 8 AM in the morning when I decided to leave the house to go to the forest for a walk. My friend took a picture of me showing the trees on the side facing the trees and myself; the other side is mostly grassland which has been frosted over by the really cold weather!

We didn't see any rabbits here or any foxes sadly. Only evergreen tree's and dead tree's- but it's winter so what should I really expect? 

[Image: Rin-forest.png]
Picture taken by a friend. You should follow my Instagram too: https://www.instagram.com/rinsworldglobal/

Well, that's the post for today and I enjoyed the cold breeze of the winters windy touch! I shall see you in my next adventure in this world!!

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  Latest artwork on Rin
Posted by: Rin - 12-07-2019, 11:01 PM - Forum: Rin's Blog - No Replies

Here's the latest! Rin doing the peace sign!!

[Image: RIN_PEACESIGN.png]

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  Sheltem the Dark Skin for Minecraft
Posted by: Rin - 12-07-2019, 10:57 AM - Forum: Rin's Blog - No Replies

I'm working on a "Sheltem the dark" skin for Minecraft (Sheltem comes from Might and Magic 1 to 3, then 5) but instead he is frozen instead of destroyed by Corak. This is for the Planet Minecraft contest; Frozen Fossils.

You get can the skin here.

If you haven't got an account there, it'd be awesome to see you there! Oh and diamond and favorite the submission always helps to get my name out there even more! I'll send a  Blush to you in PM's if you do that for me!

Happy Holidays!

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  Our official Minecraft server!
Posted by: Rin - 12-06-2019, 10:30 AM - Forum: Minecraft - No Replies

DahyLP Minecraft Snapshot Server

[Image: server-icon.png]  [Image: server_banner.png]

We have the current rules:

  • No hacked clients or extreme griefing on the server (we keep backups so there really isn't any point in doing griefing anyway. It'll only get reverted)
  • No bullying or belittling someone on the server.
  • No requesting of operator commands or any time of "request" for example; "Please I really want to be opped-- I'll make an application". If you do this you will be ip-banned since it is just an annoyance and most users who do this are untrustworthy, either way.
  • Please keep the chat friendly.
  • Player limit is 20-- do not use bots to prevent other players from going or to lag out the server.
  • No spam or advertising other servers. You may, however, (share not advertise) your creations from PMC (if in context of the chat) or post them on our site to share with server members.
  • There probably should be more rules, but I cannot think of any more at this present moment.
Backups are very regular and I also keep on tab with every single log to make sure players are not breaking any rules-- this is a safe vanilla server for anyone who plays legitimately; this is not for cowards who use hacked clients.

Please use the texture pack from the server; it makes the atmosphere more darker and immense to the player and will make you enjoy the game more.

Requires: https://dahylp.com/showthread.php?tid=16

Difficulty is hardmode in order to make sure there's a depth to the server. We will not lower it-- do not ask.

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  Great mod ideas for this winter!
Posted by: Rin - 12-04-2019, 07:24 AM - Forum: Minecraft - No Replies

Ever had a creative block on such a festive season? Or do you celebrate Christmas in your area? It matters not as creativity flows everywhere no matter what circumstance; which is why I have created this idea list for any Minecraft modders this Winter/Christmas season!

These ideas will try and break your creative block in order to make your workflow much easier when working on mods; but no matter if you have a creative block-- always try and be original with these ideas!

  • Perhaps you could create a winter-themed dungeon or a Snow Taiga structure?
  • Perhaps there could be elves, deers or even other winter based animals!
  • Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas? Who cares; just add them to the game and you're all set!
  • Maybe a decorative Christmas mod for those people who celebrate other things on December; like Hanukkah or Kwanzaa! 
  • Perhaps you could add a new dimension-- the aether and Nether are overrated anyway!
  • In this dimension you could possibly make all creatures neutral or passive; maybe they'll go hostile if you do something bad? Or create a reputation system.
  • Talking about reputation-- you could make a system that ties in whether villagers will attack you on site-- villagers are definitely not the all good of Minecraft. They must have some sort of bad quality to them!? Oh they speak in HMMPH!
  • Maybe you could localise your mod to pirate speak or Shakespearean English just for fun!
  • Christmas and science fiction? Of course, yes! Who doesn't love a cyborg Santa or even a robot that tries to destroy the Christmas season. Modern technology grinch is overrated anyway.
  • Perhaps a space planet with Christmas features! Oh yes, this will be an original idea for you modders!
  • Change a few Minecraft mechanics-- perhaps you could add a "joy" bar for those people who spread joy on Christmas and if it gets low-- you're visited by a ghost (Christmas Carol reference Tongue)
  • Christmas dress up mod-- add some cool Christmas outfits and jumpers! Doesn't everyone want to be warm this Christmas
  • Santa ray guns! Amazing! Shoot them annoying skeletons with the power of Christmas!
  • Maybe make a mod that changes the base items into much more happier versions; maybe a sword that creates special Christmassy particle effects or sounds!
  • A confetti gun!
  • A present mod!
  • A mod that doesn't add ores (and no gems) but adds a new tier of items crafted by a special functional block.
  • New furnaces that do different things other than cook stuff.
  • A Christmas decoration creation block-- something you need to get blueprints before you can make decorations!
  • A mod that creates events about Christmas randomly at different times!
  • A mod that converts the world to a permanent winter which also removes the hunger bar!
I'd put more ideas but I feel like that's enough ideas for this season. Happy modding!

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  Originality in modding for Minecraft
Posted by: Rin - 12-03-2019, 07:44 AM - Forum: Minecraft - No Replies

These days on Minecraft it seems that nothing is original-- most concepts have been done before, for example:

  • The Aether, Ether, Heaven and any "Paradise" dimension mods.
  • Ruby mods
  • Emerald (or obsidian) tools.
  • New generic ores mods and their corresponding tools.
  • New gems
  • Generic new crops mods.
Most of these "generic" and unoriginal mods tend to only add a few or around 10 to 50 items into the game which has been done before by a different mod creator. Though the most annoying of these mods are the extreme amounts of "ruby" mods there are on the Minecraft modding community. Another quality of these mods are new ores and new tiers of weapons or tools which amount to nothing eventually due to the fact that they're "end-game" content and the outcome of the mod is inevitably predictable by anyone who has played with them mods before.

Now before we go into the more unoriginal mod concepts, let's take a breather and look at some examples of original mods:
  • Hack/Slash/Mine mod-- original concept; converts Minecraft into an entirely new game.
  • Mods that change core gameplay mechanics
  • Mods that create new devices and experimentation is mostly unlimited.
  • Mods that allow flexibility to the player
  • Mods that turn the game into a harder game by changing core aspects of the game.
  • Mods that increase the replayability of Minecraft.
  • Another great example is Mystcraft (which is an amazing mod)
  • Mods that create an atmosphere; for example many mods that manipulate a certain frame of time period or new dimension that's extremely frightening to a new player and unrecognizable from other mods.
  • Mods that don't use the typical Minecraft textures.
There are obviously more examples to what makes a powerful and original Minecraft mod; but those are the base outliers to what makes a great mod. You can, however, make a great and awe-inspiring mod with an unoriginal concept -- but it is much harder to create a more fun environment in the mod as one would predict the outcomes of such an unoriginal mod.

Mostly, the most complex of mods (especially ones that add a scripting system for other players to add content to that mod OR create a way for another player to add content (aka the Millenaire mod)) tend to be the most fun and have a prolonged lifespan than those that are unoriginal (or with predictable outcomes) or boring mods.

With that said, if you do create mods and it's unoriginal; please make it so that no outcome is predictable. At least make it different in a variety of ways OR just create an original mod with new concepts and creativity.

Thank you for reading this short essay.

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Star Official Discord Server
Posted by: Rin - 11-30-2019, 10:18 PM - Forum: Global Rules/Announcements - No Replies

Join here: https://discord.gg/HsNWZU2

Site rules apply.

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